Our successful UK-based consultancy delivers high quality and cost effective services in the areas of coaching, facilitation, leadership facilitation, personal growth and psychotherapy. In all of them we are committed to do our best to support you in addressing the key issues you bring in and assist in searching for sustainable solutions.

  • In a very professional way, Kiro supported me after being promoted to a job which I truly wanted and then found it hard to deal with its requirements and  pressure. Kiro helped me to re-gain my self-confidence and to learn how to face challenges in a calmer and more balanced way.

    Senior Analyst, Banking
  • My business was systematically growing over the years, which was great, but at some point I realised that I could not manage it all by myself any more. I was trying, however, devoting more and more time to it and still not getting it right. That affected both the business and my family life. Kiro supported me in shedding my beliefs that in order for a job to be done well, I have to do it myself. I was then able to re-design the company structure and find managers to delegate responsibility to.

    Business Owner, Construction
  • Having learnt more about my own style of interacting with others, I was able to facilitate conflicts in the managerial team with less effort and greater benefit for everybody involved. Kiro had been an invaluable resource in helping me realise how much depended on my attitude to the problem and re-discover things I already possessed, but for some reasons I hesitated to employ. She also  accompanied me enthusiastically along the way, providing honest and informative feedback and a lot of encouragement.

    Area Manager, Retail
  • I did not realise how what happened in my childhood can affect my adult life, until another broken relationship left me almost suicidal and feeling totally worthless. It took a few months for the recovery process to get under way and there is still a long way to go, but in the group run by Kiro I found support and encouragement to go further. Also, listening to others, you realise that you are not the only one who experienced those hurts and all those difficult feelings. However, you can still do a lot about them, to heal, and grow from those experiences.

    Client, Groups
  • The impact my work had on my private life was enormous, it almost ruined my relationship and made me dependent on substances. It also evoked my inner demons and made me increasingly critical and hurtful towards the closest people I had. Finally it started affecting my health. Without the work Kiro did with me, I might not have been able to change and put my life back on track.

    Client, Individual sessions
  • I had a well-paid job and a happy marriage, was able to travel and fulfil my ambitions… and yet still felt that something in my life was missing. I needed one of Kiro’s retreats to figure out what it was.

    Client, Retreats
  • When I first went to see Kiro, my marriage was on the rocks, there was somebody else, but I did not want to hurt my wife or my child. Kiro helped me to explore my feelings and why I got involved in this affair. It helped me to sort out this extremely difficult and painful situation.

    Client, Individual sessions




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