Kiro MacIntyre

Kiro is a coach, leadership consultant, psychologist and process oriented facilitator. Having received education across a range of disciplines Kiro acquired a broad set of skills which she can now employ for the benefit of her clients. Academic training provided her with expertise in areas crucial for supporting human development: positive psychology, cognitive processes, decision making mechanisms, social and emotional factors facilitating learning and behavioural change. Over many years she has drawn on that lore to assist managers and leaders in achieving their goals with optimum efficiency. During her MBA studies Kiro expanded her knowledge of management and marketing and honed her ability to switch perspective and perceive issues systemically. Process oriented psychology increased Kiro’s ability to support leaders to recognise and manage the effects of rank and power dynamics. Furthermore, it expanded her horizons in the areas of conflict facilitation, organizational myths and gaining access to the individual’s untapped potential.

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Learning from the best in the field, over the years Kiro developed passion for constant improvement and growth, in her professional and personal capacity. Firmly believing in interdisciplinary learning, she has always searched for opportunities how one field can contribute to another. Kiro has worked as an independent consultant or invited colleagues from an extensive network of professionals to collaborate on projects, depending on the timeline and the specific nature of the task.

For many years Kiro has been active in a therapeutic and personal development setting, having established a successful private practice and being comissioned to design and run groups, training sessions and workshops for external partners. She delivered courses and sessions on self-esteem and confidence raising, power and rank dynamics, conflict facilitation, inclusion and diversity, recovering from trauma and abuse, assertiveness, change management and discovering one’s life myth. She is a highly qualified process-oriented facilitator and psychotherapist, member of UK Council for Psychotherapy. Kiro adheres to their code of ethics, putting emphasis on regular supervision and  continuing professional development.

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Kiro’s free time is divided between pro bono activities, family time and pursuit of her interests and passions. She supports community building initiatives, acting as a non-executive director, steering committee member and mentor for professional and cultural organisations. Kiro also makes sure she has time to maintain family connections, admire oriental art, explore realms of mythology and role-playing games and actively contemplate the awe-inspiring diversity of nature.